Brain reads “bar-codes”

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Did you know that your brain is able to read “bar-codes”? In a recently published paper in NeuroImage, Funda Yildirim and colleagues proved this point by mapping the visual cortex purely based on differences in the orientation of small stimulus components.  … Continued

Congratulations Dr. Barbara Nordhjem!

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Congratulations to Barbara Nordhjem for successfully completing her PhD thesis titled ‘Emerging perception: tracking the process of visual object recognition’. Barbara defended her thesis on the 10th of May and is now going to be a postdoctoral researcher at the Karolinska Institute in … Continued

Congratulations Dr. Doety Prins!

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Congratulations to Doety Prins for successfully completing her PhD thesis titled ‘Neuroanatomical changes in patients with loss of visual function’. Doety defended her thesis on the 23rd of November and is now training to become an ophthalmologist at the UMCG.

Aesthetics by Numbers

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Our world is filled with texture. For the human visual system, this is an important source of information for assessing environmental and material properties. But can we also predict – what seem to be very personal – aesthetic judgments such … Continued

Congratulations Dr. Funda!

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We are very happy to announce that our colleague Funda Yildirim successfully completed her PhD degree! Funda defended her thesis entitled “Visuospatial Perception: from Behavior to Brain” on the 29th of June. Now Funda will move to Boston where she will continue … Continued

Fog illusion

Recently, science journalist Karel Knip of Dutch newspaper NRC handelsblad asked Frans Cornelissen the question of whether objects could appear larger in fog or at dusk than they really are. In his column... READ MORE

Congratulations, dr. Rijul

This afternoon in Delhi, morning in Groningen, Rijul Saurabh Soans defended his PhD thesis “Effective and intuitive tools for ophthalmic disorders” during an on-line defense hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.... READ MORE