Congratulations, dr. Rijul

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This afternoon in Delhi, morning in Groningen, Rijul Saurabh Soans defended his PhD thesis “Effective and intuitive tools for ophthalmic disorders” during an on-line defense hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. From 2017 onwards, Rijul has been frequently … Continued

Congratulations, dr. Hinke!

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On July 6th, Hinke Halbertsma defended her PhD thesis entitled “Towards the right way of seeing what is left in Homonymous Hemianopia”. In her thesis, she describes a number of studies on structural and functional alterations that are a consequence … Continued

OptiVisT Workshop in Groningen

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From June 20 until June 24th 2022, our EU program OptiVisT will hold its first in-person workshop in Groningen. We’re looking forward to the presentations of our early stage researchers, as well as the symposium “From Insights to Solutions”. In … Continued

EU training program EGRET-AAA awarded

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The European Union has awarded our EU training program EGRET-AAA. The latter stands for European Glaucoma REsearch Training program for Accelerating the Approach to Advanced Glaucoma. EGRET-AAA will produce innovative treatments to protect and restore vision in patients with progressive eye disease glaucoma. By using revolutionary … Continued

Congratulations, dr. Shereif!

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On November 30th, Shereif Haykal defended his PhD Thesis “Visual Pathway White Matter Alterations in Glaucoma”, in which he used fixel-based analysis and other structural imaging techniques to study how glaucoma affects not only the eye, but also the visual … Continued

Congratulations, dr. Azzurra!

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On November 1st, Azzurra Invernizzi defended her thesis “A computational view of the brain plasticity at rest”. In her studies, she describes a number of studies on the use of resting-state fMRI to better understand the human brain in health … Continued

Congratulations, dr. Minke!

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On October 13th, Minke de Boer defended her PhD thesis “Keeping track of emotions; Audiovisual integration for emotion recognition and compensation for sensory degradations captured by perceptual strategies”. In her thesis, she describes a number of studies on human visual … Continued

Keeping an eye out on the visual field

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Perimetry, – the measurement of retinal sensitivity at different visual field locations–is an essential and often used procedure in ophthalmology. The most common technique for this is Standard Automated Perimetry. For various reasons, this technique is less suitable for use … Continued

As time goes by …..

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How does the brain of patients with the ophthalmic disease glaucoma change over time? In a paper published in “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience”, Shereif Haykal and co-authors show that over a period of several years, the visual pathways of glaucoma … Continued

Promise project nominated

The Promise project, a collaboration of UMCG’s LEO, Royal Dutch Visio, the RUG, and Reperio has been nominated for the Health Valley Bridge price. The price highlights projects that use technology to ensure longer independent living. The SONDA technology for … Continued

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