In the Promise project, we evaluate the use of eye-movement perimetry for ophthalmic diagnosis and visual rehabilitation. Promise is a collaboration of the UMCG, Royal Dutch Visio, RUG and Reperio. It is sponsored by Novum and Uitzicht (via grants of ANVVB, Oogfonds, LSBS, Stichting Blindenpenning to our GazeJoy* subproject).

The below movie explains (part of) our method:


  • Anne Vrijling
  • Joost Heutink
  • Minke de Boer
  • Jan Bernard Marsman
  • Remco Renken
  • Kris van Noord
  • Alessandro Grillini
  • Annette Bootsma
  • Nomdo M. Jansonius
  • Frans W. Cornelissen

Beyond perimetry

Besides for perimetry, the SONDA method (Standardized Ophthalmic and Neuro-ophthalmic Asssessment) can be used for assessing various eye-movement-based biomarkers. We use artificial intelligence and other computer-based analyses to determine visual fields and these biomarkers The latter are useful for assessing e.g. various neurological diseases (such as Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis). This use was published recently.

*Collaborations connected to the Promise project