Grant for new eye tracking equipment

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The UMCG awarded the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology a grant (€20.000) that will enable it to buy new eye tracking technology. Specifically, it will allow us to buy the Pupil Invisible, a system that promises calibration free eye tracking, as … Continued

Imaging nerve breakdown

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Assessing the integrity of the optic nerve (ON), the first section of the neural wiring between the eye and the brain, is important in ophthalmology for diagnostic purposes and follow-up. Commonly, this is done using optical coherence tomography (OCT), yet … Continued

Go with the flow!

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Can the directionality of BOLD activity, as measured using fMRI, provide meaningful information at a very fine scale? In a recent paper, published in the journal Cerebral Cortex, Nicolas Gravel and colleagues show that it does. Using advanced models, they … Continued

Outward bound receptive fields

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Does having a visual field defect affect the representation of the visual world in the human brain? In a paper in the journal “Neuroimage”, Gokhul Prabhakaran and colleagues report that it does. Using fMRI, they find that neurons in the … Continued

The eye exam of the future?

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Can an eye exam become literally as simple as watching a movie? In a recent paper in the Journal of Vision, Birte Gestefeld and colleagues show that the idea is perhaps not that far fetched. Based on the eye-movements made … Continued

Eyes on emotion

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The majority of emotional expressions used in daily communication are multimodal and dynamic in nature, but relatively little is known yet about how we adapt our perceptual strategies to the presence or absence of certain information. In a recent paper … Continued

Follow that car, eh, dot!

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What if an eye health exam could become as simple as following a moving and jumping dot on a screen for a few minutes? In a paper in the journal “Frontiers in Neurology”, Alessandro Grillini and co-authors show that the … Continued

Extent matters

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Using fMRI to determine the presence of actual cortical reorganization following ocular or cortical lesions requires being aware of many potential pitfalls. In a recent paper in the journal “Neuroimage”, Gokul Prabhakaran and co-authors report on one more such an … Continued

Fog illusion

Recently, science journalist Karel Knip of Dutch newspaper NRC handelsblad asked Frans Cornelissen the question of whether objects could appear larger in fog or at dusk than they really are. In his column... READ MORE

Congratulations, dr. Rijul

This afternoon in Delhi, morning in Groningen, Rijul Saurabh Soans defended his PhD thesis “Effective and intuitive tools for ophthalmic disorders” during an on-line defense hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.... READ MORE