The EyelinkToolbox can be used to ceate eye-movement experiments and control the SR-Research Eyelink(c) gazetrackers ( from within Matlab and Octave. It is incorporated into the PsychToolbox ( It provides an interface to the Eyelink Gazetracker. It uses a very similar approach as the PsychToolBox and uses the functions provided by the PsychToolBox for graphics and sound.

Citing the use of the Eyelink Toolbox

We would very much appreciate it if you would (also) cite the EyelinkToolbox paper when you have used the toolbox in your work. You could write something like:

We wrote our experiments in Matlab, using the Psychophysics and Eyelink Toolbox extensions (Brainard, 1997; Pelli, 1997; Cornelissen, Peters & Palmer, 2002; see

Brainard, D. H. (1997) The Psychophysics Toolbox, Spatial Vision 10:433-436. Cornelissen, F.W., Peters. E., Palmer, J. (2002).

The Eyelink Toolbox: Eye tracking with MATLAB and the Psychophysics Toolbox. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, 34, 613-617.