In the Promise project, we evaluate the use of eye-movement perimetry for ophthalmic diagnosis and visual rehabilitation. Promise is a collaboration of the UMCG, Royal Dutch Visio, RUG and Reperio. It is sponsored by Novum and Uitzicht (via grants of ANVVB, Oogfonds, LSBS, and Stichting Blindenpenning for our GazeJoy subproject).

Are you interested in becoming a participant in our experiments? Find the information for participants here (in Dutch).

The below movie explains (part of) our method:

A paper that describes the principles behind visual field reconstruction based on continuous gaze data was recently published.


  • Anne Vrijling
  • Joost Heutink
  • Minke de Boer
  • Jan Bernard Marsman
  • Remco Renken
  • Kris van Noord
  • Alessandro Grillini
  • Annette Bootsma
  • Nomdo M. Jansonius
  • Frans W. Cornelissen

Beyond perimetry

Besides for perimetry, the SONDA method (Standardized Ophthalmic and Neuro-ophthalmic Asssessment) can be used for assessing various eye-movement-based biomarkers. We use artificial intelligence and other computer-based analyses to determine visual fields and these biomarkers The latter are useful for assessing e.g. various neurological diseases (such as Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis). This use was published recently.

*Collaborations connected to the Promise project

Below, for historical completeness, is the movie that we used for our entry in the Healthy Valley Bridge price competition 2021.