Eyes on crowding: new paper in Journal of Vision

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    In this study in the Journal of Vision, Funda Yildirim and colleagues used eye movements show for the first that crowding similarly affects the accuracy of peripheral recognition and saccadic target localization, thereby confirming earlier model predictions that suggested that … Continued

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Congratulations, dr. Alessandro!

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Congratulations to Alessandro Grillini for successfully defending his PhD thesis entitled ‘Spatio-Temporal Integration Properties of the Human Visual System’. Alessandro defended his thesis on the 11th of November 2020 under tight Covid-19 related... READ MORE

What explains that we have two brains in one?

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The two hemispheres of the brain process information somewhat differently. In other words, we have two brains in one, a phenomenon referred to as “brain lateralization”. Can a single unifying principle explain all... READ MORE

Grant for new eye tracking equipment

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The UMCG awarded the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology a grant (€20.000) that will enable it to buy new eye tracking technology. Specifically, it will allow us to buy the Pupil Invisible, a system... READ MORE