Brain changes through loosing an eye

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Does losing an eye change your brain? In a paper published in “Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS)”, Doety Prins and co-authors report that it does. Importantly, it results in degeneration that is specific to brain regions involved in depth … Continued

Congratulations Dr. Doety Prins!

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Congratulations to Doety Prins for successfully completing her PhD thesis titled ‘Neuroanatomical changes in patients with loss of visual function’. Doety defended her thesis on the 23rd of November and is now training to become an ophthalmologist at the UMCG.

Aesthetics by Numbers

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Our world is filled with texture. For the human visual system, this is an important source of information for assessing environmental and material properties. But can we also predict – what seem to be very personal – aesthetic judgments such … Continued

Congratulations Dr. Funda!

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We are very happy to announce that our colleague Funda Yildirim successfully completed her PhD degree! Funda defended her thesis entitled “Visuospatial Perception: from Behavior to Brain” on the 29th of June. Now Funda will move to Boston where she will continue … Continued

Know what you see

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During the upcoming weeks a series of lectures about vision will take place in Groningen. On Tuesday, second of February, Frans Cornelissen will give a lecture about Eyes Diseases and Changes in the Brain.  Barbara Nordhjem will talk about the … Continued

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Blurred emotions

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Sensory loss in either the eyes or the ears affects our ability to recognize emotions, but does loss in both eyes and ears further worsen our ability to interpret multisensory signals? In a... READ MORE

With an eye to the future

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University Medical Centre Groningen’s (UMCG) Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology (LEO) and Bulbitech AS to collaborate on the evaluation of eye-movement based ophthalmic screening techniques. Facilitated by an equipment grant from the UMCG, the... READ MORE

Congratulations, dr. Alessandro!

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Congratulations to Alessandro Grillini for successfully defending his PhD thesis entitled ‘Spatio-Temporal Integration Properties of the Human Visual System’. Alessandro defended his thesis on the 11th of November 2020 under tight Covid-19 related... READ MORE