Eyes on crowding: new paper in Journal of Vision

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    In this study in the Journal of Vision, Funda Yildirim and colleagues used eye movements show for the first that crowding similarly affects the accuracy of peripheral recognition and saccadic target localization, thereby confirming earlier model predictions that suggested that … Continued

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In 2015, following a successful grant bid for a Horizon2020 MarieCurie Innovative Training Network, the NextGenVis network, coordinated by Prof. Frans W. Cornelissen, came to life. In the years to follow, NextGenVis offered... READ MORE

Our brain, art and visual illusions

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On June 17th, Hinke Halbertsma gave a presentation at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden about the visual system, and how illusions can be a powerful source for understanding it. Furthermore, she addressed how... READ MORE