Eyes on crowding: new paper in Journal of Vision

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    In this study in the Journal of Vision, Funda Yildirim and colleagues used eye movements show for the first that crowding similarly affects the accuracy of peripheral recognition and saccadic target localization, thereby confirming earlier model predictions that suggested that … Continued

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Three grants for collaboration with Royal Visio

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Together with collaborators from Royal Visio, an expertise centre for blind and partially sighted people in the Netherlands, the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology has been awarded three grants. The grants are for, developing... READ MORE

Congratulations Dr. Sandra Hanekamp!

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Congratulations to Sandra Hanekamp for successfully completing her PhD thesis titled ‘Glaucoma: an eye or a brain disease’. Sandra defended her thesis on the 9th of October and is now going to be a postdoctoral researcher... READ MORE

Congratulations Dr. Aave Hannus!

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Congratulations to Aave Hannus for successfully completing her PhD thesis titled ‘Competition for feature selection: Action-related and stimulus-driven competitive biases in visual search’. Aave defended her thesis on the 21st of September 2017 and... READ MORE

A left and right view on the world

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Do your left and right half of your brain ‘see’ the world in the same fashion? In a paper published in “Brain and Cognition”, Sanne Brederoo and co-authors report that they do not.... READ MORE