Eyes on crowding: new paper in Journal of Vision

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    In this study in the Journal of Vision, Funda Yildirim and colleagues used eye movements show for the first that crowding similarly affects the accuracy of peripheral recognition and saccadic target localization, thereby confirming earlier model predictions that suggested that … Continued

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Brain reads “bar-codes”

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Did you know that your brain is able to read “bar-codes”? In a recently published paper in NeuroImage, Funda Yildirim and colleagues proved this point by mapping the visual cortex purely based on differences... READ MORE

Sandra Hanekamp wins award for best presentation

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Sandra Hanekamp has won the LEVRETA Award for the “most inspiring, effective and professional scientific oral presentation” at Vision 2017. She was awarded this prize for her presentation “Structural brain MRI studies in... READ MORE

Congratulations Dr. Barbara Nordhjem!

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Congratulations to Barbara Nordhjem for successfully completing her PhD thesis titled ‘Emerging perception: tracking the process of visual object recognition’. Barbara defended her thesis on the 10th of May and is now going to be a... READ MORE

Amygdala guides feature-based attention

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Who would have guessed that the amygdala – a nucleus in the mid-brain generally associated with emotions like fear – also become active when you walk into a museum? In this paper, which... READ MORE