Grant for new eye tracking equipment

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The UMCG awarded the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology a grant (€20.000) that will enable it to buy new eye tracking technology. Specifically, it will allow us to buy the Pupil Invisible, a system that promises calibration free eye tracking, as well as a Bulbicam, a system for eye-movement based perimetry, amongst others. The equipment will be used in future studies within OptiVisT, Promise, clinical research, and education.

The image shows a Pupil Invisible system, consisting of a pair of glasses and a small recording device. The big advantage of this system is that it can record eye movements without explicit prior calibration, greatly simplifying the application of eye tracking.

Clip from a gaze recording, with the red circle on the approaching car indicating the momentary gaze position of the participant. See: output movie for some example recordings made with the system.

Updated 18-12-20: part of the grant will be used to buy a Bulbicam