EU training program EGRET-AAA awarded

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The European Union has awarded our EU training program EGRET-AAA. The latter stands for European Glaucoma REsearch Training program for Accelerating the Approach to Advanced Glaucoma.

EGRET-AAA will produce innovative treatments to protect and restore vision in patients with progressive eye disease glaucoma. By using revolutionary human retinal organoids, we will accelerate the development of new treatments and bring gene therapy and stem cell-based approaches a major step closer to clinical implementation, while minimizing the need for animal research. Through our findings, we will be able to protect the regenerated eye-brain connections and develop diagnostic techniques to select patients suitable for treatment and to evaluate intervention effects. By doing so, we will ultimately save approximately 1 million Europeans from blindness, and another 5 million from significant vision loss, thereby increasing their quality of life, and dramatically reducing societal and health care costs.

Interested in a future position in this PhD training program? Keep an eye on this website, or that of EGRET-AAA itself for announcements on the recruitment procedure.