Connecting the dots

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When studying the plasticity of the human visual brain, neuroscientists have always emphasized the study of the receptive field properties of neurons. In a review and opinion paper in the journal “Neural Plasticity”, Joana Carvalho and co-authors argue there are … Continued

Sights unseen

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Visual hallucinations are perceptions without a physical stimulus to relate the percept too. People who suffer from psychosis often experience visual hallucinations, but the properties of these hallucinations are not well known yet. Marouska van Ommen and co-authors published a … Continued

Observing half a brain

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What happens to the visual system of the brain if one hemisphere gets removed completely at a late (age 3) developmental stage? In a paper published in the journal “Neural Plasticity”, Hinke Halbertsma and co-authors revisited the visual field maps … Continued

Art that moves you

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On August 21st, Frans Cornelissen gave a presentation at the Noorderzon Festival in Groningen about “The Art of Vision”. The presentation was part of a trio of presentations together with Iris Sommer and Barend van Heusden under the title “Art … Continued