Follow that car, eh, dot!

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What if an eye health exam could become as simple as following a moving and jumping dot on a screen for a few minutes? In a paper in the journal “Frontiers in Neurology”, Alessandro Grillini and co-authors show that the … Continued

Extent matters

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Using fMRI to determine the presence of actual cortical reorganization following ocular or cortical lesions requires being aware of many potential pitfalls. In a recent paper in the journal “Neuroimage”, Gokul Prabhakaran and co-authors report on one more such an … Continued

Congratulations, dr. Joana!

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Congratulations to Joana Carvalho for successfully defending her PhD thesis entitled ‘Plasticity of cortical visual field representations’. Joana defended her thesis on the 6th of July of 2020 and will continue her scientific career as a postdoctoral researcher at the … Continued

Can you see it all at once?

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Some people have trouble seeing multiple things at once and discovering relations between items in a scene. This is simultanagnosia. It can occur in patients with acquired brain injury. In the journal “Applied Neuropsychology: Adult”, Stefanie de Vries and colleagues … Continued

To train or not to train?

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Visual restitution training may improve the vision of people with hemianopia, yet not all patients benefit equally from this long and exhaustive procedure. Would it not be great if we could predict who will benefit and who will not? In … Continued

Tiny is beautiful!

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Assessing population receptive field (pRF) properties is fundamental to understanding the neural basis of human sensory and cognitive behaviour. However, current approaches require making numerous a priori assumptions which is undesirable. In a recent paper in the journal “Neuroimage” Joana … Continued