15 PhD positions in Advanced Glaucoma Research in NL/DE/FR/NO

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Glaucoma is the most common age-related neurodegenerative eye disease in Western society and one of the four major eye diseases causing blindness. Unfortunately, current treatments can only slow the deterioration but do not halt or reverse the process. Despite the efforts of the early detection and treatment of the disease, currently, approximately 15% of all glaucoma patients in the EU still become bilaterally blind. Our European MARIE SKĊODOWSKA-CURIE Doctoral Network (DN) EGRET-AAA (‘European Glaucoma REsearch Training program for Accelerating the Approach to Advanced Glaucoma’) will focus specifically on finding solutions for those patients suffering from advanced glaucoma. We aim to bring revolutionary therapies for protecting and restoring vision in patients with advanced glaucoma a significant step closer to clinical deployment.

Are you, like us, fascinated by the complex genetics, molecular mechanisms, and pathobiology of the visual system, by retinal physiology or clinical research with advanced techniques for retinal imaging and function testing, or by visual neuroscience and brain-imaging? Do you consider it important to help patients with advanced glaucoma? Do you have an inquisitive mind, and are you looking for a PhD position embedded in an international doctoral network in which you can develop your research, clinical, and entrepreneurial skills? Then consider applying within EGRET-AAA for one of our 15 3-year Joint-Doctorate positions in academia, medical institutes, and high-tech companies in the Netherlands, Germany, France, or Norway. 

All 15 positions and projects are shortlisted below, more details on each of the positions and information about the Joint Doctorate training program can be found on our website www.egret-aaa.eu